Pool heating system controller

Solar pool heating is still the most economical and energy efficient way to heat your swimming pool. With a properly designed system from Pure Pool Heating you can expect to run your pool at temperatures of 27-30 degrees between September and May. This doubles your swimming season from 4.5 months to 9 months.

With a pool blanket as well, you can run your pool around 2-3 degrees above the maximum outside temperature for the day so during summer you can adjust your required temperature into the 30’s and comfortably swim in the evenings and night. Very refreshing after a day at work and an opportunity to spend some quality time with the family or just have some quiet time on your own.

The high quality PVC Nitrile matting I use is made in Australia and engineered to provide greater heating efficiency, lower maintenance and increased durability. It comes with a 15-year warranty and will last well over 20 years even in our harsh Australian climate.

With top quality Aquasmart V5 controllers you can see what your system is doing automatically and control the temperature of your pool at any time.

The pump for the solar heating system is another important component to keep your system operating smoothly. I use very energy efficient, Australian made  high quality pumps manufactured by AstralPools, so your system will run with lower energy costs.

solar pool heating system installation
Pool solar heating is all about the surface area of matting you have on your roof in relation to the surface area/volume of your pool. I usually start at 100% coverage and go up from there. For example, if your pool measures 6m x 4m = 24m2 then I would suggest a 24m2 system, but if you opted for a 30m2 system this would heat your pool to the required temperature quicker, thus using less electricity and saving you money in the long run.
Matting installed on North facing roof elevations will always get the best results because they receive sun in the morning right up until the late afternoon. However a lot of people are filling these sections of their roofs with solar water heaters and or solar panels to produce electricity. This does not mean you can’t have it all.

solar pool heating system installation with solar power panels and solar hot water

You probably have heaps of room on your Eastern or Western roof elevations so I would just up the surface area of the matting to 120%+ and your solar heating system will work perfectly fine on either of these roofs.
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